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Dr. Netreia Carroll

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Meet Netreia Carroll

Entrepreneur, author, radio and television host, humanitariun, teacher, Pastor, mom and motivational speaker.

Leader and survivor! Dr Carroll is an motivator to many and changes lives through her dedication to the Lord who opens great doors for her. As she enters each door she never forgets the command God gave her, "To love." She understands that God blesses her not to take ownership but to use them to lead others into the Kingdom that is His. She is not only a teacher, she is a conference speaker, worshiper, and a revivalist. She comes with joy, realness, and sincerity. She is very humble but carries a big stick. Small stature, big mind. Full of God's love. "Jesus is my EVERYTHING."


Just one phone call with Carroll changed my life foreveer. She gave of her time, in pain herself (back pain) and spoke to me as a stranger. 

Diana Waldman

I wanted to give up on life. Just tooo much to deal with. Met Netreia at McDonalds and she gave me reasons to live. She reminded me of who I am and how much I mean to a world in need

Eric Leon 

This lady and Shaback(h) volunteers donated food to my family during the corona virus. Thank you.

Rachel Rose

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