Meet Netreia

Revivalist, Conference Speaker, Counselor, Author, Radio Host, Tv Host, and servant for Jesus Christ!

"Jesus I want to be more like You. Do all of the things You have told me to do. It is not enough to worship You in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:23), attend more church services (Leviticus 23:3) revivals, and prayer meetings regularly.... fasting, praying (Matthew 6:6), attending another Bible Study (Acts 17:11), tithing (Matthew 6:20-21), or changing from our old ways. These acts are only a fraction of Your expectations. How have we become so stuck? You have already shown great examples when You commissioned me to serve others. I desire to live justly and love mercifully just as You have by putting into action what You have requested of me. The magnitude of my actions is irrelevant. What's more important is the amount of love that I put into my actions. I will spend less time judging others who are less fortunate then I, and spend more time showing love to them. In my presence, no one should ever feel unwanted, not loved, not cared for, or forgotten. Each person You allow me to share your Word to pleases You greatly. I do Lord, desire to do so.  I cannot help the entire world but, with Your help, I can reach at least one.  Just know, I am willing and will try my best. I will love without getting tired. I will not put a value or a limit on my love. I will share love freely. Living in poverty, being disadvantaged or underprivileged is not world hunger, depravity, or being down-and-out. True poverty is feeling unwanted, unloved, not thought-of and frowned upon. I dedicate my life as it begins here, at home, in You, living in me. I desire to touch the dying, the poor, those imprisoned within themselves, behind bars, the lonely, sick, hurting, depressed, handicapped, and seniors. I will sincerely love those who are mean, hateful, jealous, envious, and judgmental of me. I will love those who play church, have a form of worship, gossip, and are just plain mean and nasty. Even those who have lied, cheated, disrespected, and stole from me are deserving of love. Love is not being imprisoned in controversies that include gender, denomination, culture, religious, race and political differences. I will have a forgiving heart and push towards my purpose, forgetting those things that are behind me, and strive every day to become more Kingdom like. For whom the Son set free, are free indeed. Lord, show me how to love in the true meaning of the word. I will sacrifice my life expecting nothing in return. I want to give my life away becoming more like You every day. And this hope and prayer begins this day at this moment. Amen!"


Queen Netreia Carroll