The Well

Shaback Inc. has been helping people since 1993. We have served the sick, poor, and those in need. Today we  support through 8 branches on our tree. They are:

  • Supportive Services

  • Housing

  • Education

  • Animal Therapy

  • Nutrition

  • Clinical & Behavioral Health

  • Recovery & Wellness

  • Employment & Economic Development

  • Spiritual Healing

Stemming for our humble tree are multiple programs, services, and resources to help those who need healing. Our strategy includes strong network to assure everyone has each of their needs fulfilled.


The Well is a place to gather for Bible Studies, Relaxation, and to hold other events. These events can vary from Human Trafficking Day Camps to Sporting Events to Retreats/ Conferences to everything in between. Get as creative as your mind and heart will allow!


The Well is most of all a place to heal from past hurts and devastation's. The Well is a place to meditate, pray, and re-find oneself. It is also a place to regain self dignity. The Well is a place for Spiritual healing.  The surroundings at The Well provides a virtual experience of Biblical truths, scriptures, and scenes. The perfect place to reflect and pray.