The Well assists striving girls and women in their pursuit of self-sufficiency assisting with employment search and job etiquette. We walk hand in hand with each client in achieving their goals that has already by staff been implemented.  

Services available to clients include:

  1. Career assessments and employment readiness tests

  2. Resume and online application preparation

  3. Military options

  4. Credit and Personal business cleanup  including tickets, Drivers license and things of that sort.

  5. Interview preparation and self-esteem mentoring

  6. Job search assistance

  7. GED assistance, certificate program, or other post secondary educational programs.

  8. Researching and/or applying for school and training opportunities, financial aid, scholarships and grants

  9. Mentor-ship

  10. Promote successful completion of GED, High School Diploma, or other academic program

  11. Promote entering higher education program, trade school, or certificate program

  12. Increase leadership and civic engagement